Owner of The Hawthorn Tree!

Susan is a Certified Herbalist with over 30 years’ experience working in the field of horticulture. She has spent nearly 20 years traveling the country and region learning about different paths to healing in order to facilitate her own journey to recovery. 

Susan’s horticultural education began early, when at the age of six she began offering weeding services to experienced gardeners in her community, and they in turn introduced her to the world of plants. After graduating from University of Boulder, she ran her family’s business, McIntyre’s Garden Center, here in Cheyenne for 16 years. She then went on to own and operate a produce farm in Windsor, Colorado, for 2 years. 

In 2014, Susan was diagnosed with West Nile Virus, which quickly turned into Epstien-Barr. She was forced to close her produce farm and focus on her own healing.  Susan took her healing into her own hands and turned to herbs and meditation. This subsequently led her to the Equinox Center of Herbal Studies in Fort Collins, Colorado, where she completed a 400-hour certification program to become a Certified Herbalist.

She has been the president of Garden Centers of Colorado, developed training curriculum for garden center employees, authored articles for the Denver Post, done spots for Cheyenne radio stations, had a television program on CBS, and served on the Windsor Tree Board.

A heart for her community and a desire to share her knowledge with others is how The Hawthorn Tree was born. When it came time to name her business, it was only natural that the hawthorn tree, which is associated with the heart, love, and protection, be its namesake and emblem. 


Rebecca is an Ayurvedic Practitioner, Massage Therapist, and Certified Herbalist.

She wields her magic from behind the apothecary counter at The Hawthorn Tree, conducting individual customer consultations and creating custom blends for their specific needs.

She brings over twenty years’ experience in the healing arts to our community, including massage and yoga therapy, Ayurvedic medicine, and herbalism.

In 2017, Rebecca graduated from the Ayurvedic College for Wellbeing in Rincon, PR, and in 2018, she completed an Internship and Apprenticeship at Apothecary Tinctura in Denver. In 2019, she completed an additional 400+ hour program in Foundations of Herbalism at the Equinox Center for Herbal Studies.

She is also a musician specializing in the healing arts of singing, songwriting, and recording. She has performed at numerous spirit conferences and festivals.


Britney is a Certified Herbalist. She provides consults and custom herbal blends for our customers.

She is also a foodie, Type I diabetic, and a plant/cat person. She’s been working with herbs and food to heal her body for years and one of her goals in life is to teach people how to take healing and health into their own hands.

She has an extensive and diverse background. She has worked with the Growing Project, the Urban Food Outreach and Education Program. She has lived in the Great Smoky Mountain region of Tennessee working on invasive plant removal, organic gardening, tree planting, homesteading, and forest conservation. She has also worked on the Fat Pig Society hemp farm where she learned propagation, harvesting and processing.

In 2019, Britney graduated from the Advanced Herbalism Program at The Equinox Center for Herbal Studies and is currently studying in their Clinical Herbalism Program.

When not at The Hawthorn Tree, you can find her learning about and harvesting herbs, hiking, cooking, baking bread, fermenting, contemplating existence, and finding the best cup of coffee in her vicinity.


Amy is the creative force behind the incredible food served at The Hawthorn Tree.

Amy grew up in California where her love of cooking began at a young age. Her biggest cooking influence was her Aunt Linda.

Amy came to Wyoming for grad school and, like many of us, fell in love with the big sky here. She studied Art Education and went on to teach art for nine years.

But through the years, her love of cooking continued to grow and in 2011 she started working at Chef Morris House Bistro. She went on to found Alchemy Catering in 2015 and over the next five years became the talk of Cheyenne’s food scene.

We are honored to feature a selection of her soups and salads every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday here at the Hawthorn Tree.


Kaira does it all here at The Hawthorn Tree. She brews hand-crafted drinks in the cafe. She provides live harp music every Friday afternoon. And she shares her knowledge of herbs with our customers.

Herbs and music have been part of her life for as long as she can remember. She grew up helping her dad brew tinctures and learning natural medicine and aromatherapy from her mom.

Kaira has a degree in harp and is working on a degree in piano as well. She teaches piano and harp through Kaira Anne Music.


Meet Jamie.  You may have had the pleasure of meeting her in the afternoons at The Hawthorn Tree.  She is a senior at Central High School, an amazing student/athlete and looks forward to attending college next year. She loves hiking, skiing, camping, swimming, and all kinds of art! If you look closely, you may find her doodles around the shop 🙂 She is a BIG tea and coffee girl, so working here at the apothecary and getting to learn from so many amazing people has been her dream. She loves talking to all of the customers who come in so stop in and say hi!