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Barberry Root Organic – Berberis vulgaris


Common barberry comes from a bush that is fairly common in gardens around the world. The bush gets its name from its thorny branches, but the uses of the root outweigh the pain from the barbs. Historically, the bark of the roots were used to create a yellow dye.

Other Names: Sowberry, Pepperidge

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Latin: Berberis vulgaris

Family: Berberidaceae

Country of Origin: India

Actions: Cholagogue, alterative, anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, purgative, tonic, febrifuge

Energetics: Cooling, bitter, and sour

Precautions: Not reccommended for extended use by those that suffer from anemia or hypothyroidism.

Disclaimer: The information contained in this description is purely for historical or entertainment value and is not designed to treat, diagnose or cure any diseases. If you have any current medical conditions, please seek the advice of a medical practitioner. The individual herbs offered here have not been tested for efficacy with regard to the contents of vitamins, minerals or other constituents.

References: The Herb Book – John Lust

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