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Butcher’s Broom Root Organic – Ruscus aculeatus


Given the name Knee Holly from its height at a man’s knee, butcher’s broom, or Ruscus aculeatus, was often gathered and sold in bundles to butchers and used to preserve meat from being eaten by mice. It’s uses do not end there however as is often used in teas and tinctures.

Other Names: Kneeholly, Sweet broom

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Latin: Ruscus aculeatus

Family: Liliaceae

Country of Origin: Croatia

Actions: Diuretic, diaphoretic, aperient

Energetics: Cooling, sweet, acidic

Precautions: Caution for those with hypertension

Disclaimer: The information contained in this description is purely for historical or entertainment value and is not designed to treat, diagnose or cure any diseases. If you have any current medical conditions, please seek the advice of a medical practitioner. The individual herbs offered here have not been tested for efficacy with regard to the contents of vitamins, minerals or other constituents.

References: Grieves, M. (2020). Broom, Butcher’s. Retrieved October 05, 2020, from https://botanical.com/botanical/mgmh/b/brobut71.html

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