Ethiopian Coffee Ceremony - Saturday, August 6th - 1pm-3pm

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Come experience a traditional Ethiopian coffee ceremony! Free to the public no registration necessary.
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Ethiopian Coffee Ceremony - Saturday, August 6th - 1pm - 3pm

In Ethiopia, coffee is enjoyed with family, neighbors, and new friends. Mothers in the neighborhood take turns brewing coffee. Their coffee time is where they unwind, exchange new info, laugh, and gossip. The ceremonial coffee takes a minimum of 2 hours. In those two hours of each day, mothers build a strong community, meaningful relationship, and most importantly a great sense of belongingness. Hence creating a larger dependable family outside your own family.

Come experience an Ethiopian coffee ceremony. We all have had unpredictable and uncertain past two years. This summer is ours!!! Let’s appreciate out time with friends and family as we mingle and exchange info.

Betel will have coffee samples for sale during the event.

Betel is an Ethiopian living in Cheyenne, WY. The wind and the long winters are the main things that sold her on living in Wyoming. She loves living in Cheyenne with great people who are relaxed and welcoming.
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