Yogic Psycho-Physiology, October 17th

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Join Swamijii for a talk about the characteristics of the physical, astral, causal body and the soul, followed by a meditation.
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Yogic Psycho-Physiology, October 17th - 1-3PM

Join us at the Hawthorn Tree for a meditation and journey through the physical, astral, and causal body and soul. Led by Guru Swami Dharmananda, we will focus on connecting all aspects of ourselves. We will deliberate on questions such as: What is the soul? What happens to the soul after death? Why do we come back to reincarnate in a physical body? As well as pondering Heaven and our eventual life there. This class will teach us how to vitalize and purify the elements of our physical selves, our energy, and our subjective minds.

Class will include a talk followed by a meditation. Cost is $20

Swami Dharmanandra spent many years as a distinguished officer in the Indian Armed Forces before exploring his interest and passion in the metaphysical. He obtained his MA from the prestigious International Vishwaguru Yoga and Meditation Institute and eventually became the Director of the same institute. Swami now spends his time teaching in Northern Colorado and focuses on the connections between modern science, psychology, and ancient wisdom, the underlying unity in religions around the world, and how our every-day choices relate to the meditations and knowledge he shares.

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